BioShow is a well known show management business based in Boston specializing in laboratory supply and equipment exhibits for life science research in New England and in the Southeast.?

With Massachusetts being a life science research hub, BioShow has been fortunate to provide exhibits featuring the finest and most unique scientific companies in the world. Shows are organized at research-based, academic, biotech, pharmaceutical and hospital accounts. Show attendees typically include scientists, PhD's, Principal Investigators, post docs, lab managers, biologists, technicians and research staff. Shows are typically held in conference centers, meeting areas, function halls, lobby areas or any space that can accommodate vendors and attendees.?

If you are a scientific manufacturer or distributor, BioShow is your best source in New England and in the Southeast for life science trade shows and exhibits. If you would like to attend one of our shows, please visit our scientific vendor info page.

If you are a research facility involved in planning a laboratory equipment and trade show and would like to use our services to manage your event, please contact us to discuss. (See the "Contact Info" page.)

Scientific Vendors
If you are a scientific vendor and would like to be notified of any new shows, please fill out the information form on our Scientific Vendor Page. If you work for a scientific distributor and need to organize a show at one of your accounts, please give us a call. ????
Companies & Facilities--Life Science, Biotech, Pharmaceutical Academic & Hospital based Research
If you are interested in hosting an exhibit at your facility: there is no fee to any life science based research facility who would like to host a laboratory equipment and supply show. BioShow will organize a seamless event, providing any or all of the following: scientific vendors, tables, marketing, invites, lunch for attendees, giveaways, raffle prizes and management of all details required to host a successful event.???

Purchasing Dept & Facility Managers
BioShow provides a no charge service to purchasing departments who need to plan their annual laboratory equipment and supply exhibit. Using BioShow to plan your exhibit will eliminate time related costs using?internal resources. We will work within your department's guidelines and with your current vendors. Our goal is to help you save time, money and achieve professional results from your annual? exhibit. We have several large clients who rely on BioShow to help execute their annual events. Contact us for further information.

COVID-19 update: BioShow Laboratory Exhibits is currently hosting Virtual Lab Exhibit Shows and invite reps at this time to take advantage of these opportunities.
Be sure to provide us with your contact info for upcoming shows in the SE and NE areas in 2021. As always, we pride ourselves on offering QUALITY shows at a reasonable price.?
Contact Us
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